339’s straightening perm

Hi there!

It’s so humid today, isn’t it?


I’ll write down for about 339’s straightening perm.

Please look at this picture first!

She has a straight permanent with about once every 3 to 5 months.

Normally, straight permanent will give damage to your hair. But her hair is very beautiful right?  And the texture of hair is also very natural too.

It’s completely different compare other salons.

That’s why, the secret is in the our original treatment.


訳 今日湿気が凄いね。 今回は339のストレートについてです。写真の女性は3〜5ヶ月に一度ストレートパーマをしてますが、ダメージもほとんど見られず、とてもキレイで質感もすごく自然です。


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339(Three three nine)     Mitsu

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