339’s English blog 5th (How to find the 339 hair salon in Fukuoka Japan)

Hi there,

It’s nice day today, the sun is back!


We’ve got 2 small ads where front of orange stairs.

The one is


Because that’s a hair salon, it’s easy to understand what this is.



And other one is

Do you know what the meaning of this Japanese character is?


I think that probably you don’t know, but some people may have understood.

Was it easy?   Because that’s a hair salon.

the 髪 is hair.

How to read is “kami’.

Just remember this!



訳 階段の前に2つ看板があって、髪って書いてるけど読み方わかるぅ〜?


Please contact us for book appointment.

092-781-0664 or  339japan@gmail.com(email would be lovely for us)


339(Three three nine)     Mitsu



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