339’s English blog 2nd (Terrace) 

Hi there!

There is a terrace on the second floor at 339.(In British English, the first floor)

We like to grow plants, so there are a lot of plants in the terrace.

I will introduce a some of them.


English Rose.

I think that this flower looks  beautiful with rain.



Cherry Blossom

Although flowers have never bloomed yet…



This is wisteria

I haven’t got signs yet to bloom. But I think that this will make flowers soon.


I think you understand, but here is a hair salon.


Please contact us for book appointment.

092-781-0664 or  339japan@gmail.com(email would be lovely for us)


339(Three three nine)     Mitsu


訳 339には色んな植物があるよ〜。


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